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By The K-Love Show, Jun 2 2018 02:15AM

"Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica" Compilation Hits #1 On The Billboard Charts -

The Exclusive First Listen Was Premiered By Billboard, Dec. 21st, 2017. See Article Here -

By The K-Love Show, Jun 2 2018 01:59AM

Fudg3 recently released his new track “Blush”.

You can listen to his new track every hour on WXEA-FM.

Fudg3 is a dreamer by nature but brings his celestial realization to his art. A native of Charlotte, NC, Fudg3 is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and choreographer that has been performing in numerous singing and dancing productions since the age of eleven. He credits artists from divergent musical genres such as Justin Timberlake, Donny Hathaway, Anita Baker, and Janet Jackson as music and dance influences.

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By The K-Love Show, Jun 2 2018 01:56AM

In September 2015, Katie met Kent Wells, Dolly Partons producer and musical producer, in nashville and produced her self titled EP Katie Bates. She worked with Kent for over a year in Nashville at Kent Wells Production, working on her songwriting and vocals. In the first month on SoundCloud, the song After Awhile received over 19,000 plays. In July 2017, Katie started working with Producer 2tone at Blacklite Productions and recorded a new single called “Naked”.

Metaphorically used, it is about stripping someone’s walls down and getting to know that person inside and out. “Naked” got great feedback from online and FM radio shows. The song was also featured on the #1 Billboard charting album “Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica” and earned a #1 plaque from Amada Records.

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By The K-Love Show, Jun 2 2018 01:47AM

Atlanta native artist known as “Flo” is integral in molding Atlanta’s Hip Hop culture. Influenced by Michael Jackson, Biggie, Jay-Z and 2Pac, Flo captivates audiences, utilizing narrative language, metaphoric phrases, and southern vernacular. As a composer, producer, singer, rapper and songwriter, Flo bestows his passion into relatable music. Born in East Atlanta, raised in West Atlanta, he absorbed the surrounding culture which helped influence his music and evolve Flo to the musician he is today.

Flo began writing music and rapping at an early age and continues to create world class music with Projects 5points and Westbound which will be released soon. This groundbreaking artist is sure to break records and enhance the music industry with his timeless artwork. Check out Flo on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook under AskwhoFlo.

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