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By The K-Love Show, Jan 25 2020 05:38PM

House is an independent hip hop artist influenced by various musicians from all over the world. With unique delivery and his diverse Hip-Hop/Reggaeton/Reggae style, House shows the capacity to surprise and exhilarate as a rapper. The end result is a hip-hop melting pot and his presence is a frequent reminder that dense, syllable-obsessed rap is adaptable to nearly all eras and production techniques.

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By The K-Love Show, Jan 23 2020 10:41PM

TAOG - Pronounced (TAY-O-G)

At only 24 years of age, TAOG shows high potential to be one of the most influential rap artists in the industry. Apart from him playing tennis for 20 years before entering the music industry, the Bahamian native has produced unimaginable numbers for someone that has been in the industry for the time he has been (2 years). TAOG's melodic cadence along with a variety of unique flows, is one of the many reasons why he is on the path of becoming one of the greatest musical artist in his era.

In 2017, TAOG released An album titled "Humble Rockstar" which gained him a lot of traction in the industry. This Lead TAOG to release an EP titled "Jungle Pope" in 2018. Since then TAOG's success has catapulted tremendously. As he continues to release music at a consistent pace, he also remains true to the fact that his music is surprising to his listeners but will always "have a great vibe".

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By The K-Love Show, Jan 23 2020 10:26PM

VISHISDEAD is lofi emo / hip hop artist from Port Macquarie, Australia.

9 Lives is vishisdeads first release of 2020. 9 Lives was written and recorded in October 2019, the song is about constantly being let down by past lovers, “9 Lives” representing 9 different relationships.

Vishisdead is currently signed to Renegade Records and plans on releasing 1 song a month for 2020. Vishisdeads current achievements include reaching hundreds and thousands of plays on soundcloud and spotify, reaching 11,000 followers on instagram, playing interstate show, radio play on triple J unearthed. In 2020 vishisdead hopes to keep growing his following and fanbase and would love to tour nationally.

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By The K-Love Show, Jan 14 2020 04:31PM

A Chicago transplant currently based out of New York City, KiTTN is a rapper who prides herself on unique lyricism and wordplay. She has been musically inclined since her teenage years as a contrabass player in high school. Transforming her poetry and short stories into songs over the years, KiTTN continues to redefine her music through dynamic studio recordings encapsulated by jive, funk, hip-hop and edm. Her music has been featured on several blogs, Spotify playlists and her first single was aired on a popular UK radio show. KiTTN is excited to continue to captivate a global fan base through her music.

Check out her Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, and Official Website Here.

By The K-Love Show, Jan 14 2020 06:18AM

Bit Torment is a modern electronica band from Boulder, Colorado that combines EDM/House Music, Hip-Hop and Electronic Rock.

"If You Can't Come Down Put Your Hands High" is the first release from the new project by Bit Torment. This hard hitting club/hip-hop track combines the best of both Dance/Rap and Electronica. Produced by Brett Fisher and mastered in Akashic Recording Studio (client's include Eminem, XZIBIT), this hard hitting club track has already been lighting up dance floors in the USA, Spain and Greece with support from major USA and International Dj's.

Members of Bit Torment include:

· Producer/Bassist, Brett Fisher, who's tracks have been played by DJ Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 and licensed/featured on numerous TV shows (MTV, Animal Planet and more).

· John Bechdel, keyboard player for the band Industrial Metal band Ministry

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreMinistry/

· Sony/Interscope Rapper BOSSMAN

Visit: https://www.bossmanthegod.com/

· Singer/keyboardist Aya G., who has recorded with DJ Cedric Gervais, Baxter Baxter, Raymond Herrera and Superfunk.

Bit Torment's live shows are electrifying and have been compared to The Prodigy, featuring a DJ, live rapper and female vocalist, live bass/guitar and drums.

The band is currently working on many new songs to be released in 2020 with performances in Colorado.

Follow their movement on Soundcloud.


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