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Critically acclaimed billboard singer/songwriter Melissa B. returns with a highly anticipated new song Back & Forth.” The new song was produced by D. Sharp Entertainment alongside with her Grammy engineer Michael Ashby who did Bodak Yellow with Cardi B. Her newest patch of pavement is bouncy, 808-throbbing single “Back & Forth”. That title, elevated to iconic levels by both Cameo and Aaliyah, has a history of songs that linger fondness. Excellently produced by D-Sharp with a clarity-brilliant mix by Michael Ashby, Melissa weaves her echoed range throughout every nuance of this modern, trap-esque track. It’s clear why Factmag had hailed Melissa B. as a “Future R&B Diva” alongside NAO a few years back. This new single will be out on May 22nd, 2020.

“Back & Forth” is available at all digital providers and all streaming providers HERE. Additionally, the inviting lyric video for the song will be out soon.

Melissa B. has been garnering much attention from fans and critics alike since she independently unveiled her debut EP Exclusively in 2015 in which she was considered for a Grammy nomination. She eventually released a commercial song called “Dancing in the Rain” which shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales charts after being on there for 3 weeks sitting only behind Demi Lavato and Lana Del Ray.

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LYRICS : Selfish Chorus My bitch say that I’m Selfish I got a real money Fetish Sometimes I can get Careless Yea……………Yeaaaaaaaaaaa Got me some brand new VV’s Cartier shades I can see Shining when I’m on tv Yea……Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Verse VVS diamonds man they wet like Fiji s I mix that off white With the Gucci Benny I po a 6 of that mud and get Sleepy I’m a codeine fiend I feel like wheezy I show them the Drip school I get her wet like a Pool She in love with my Diamonds and jewels I make her Play by the rules Rules Bitch try to make me lose my Cool Count up a 50k in the Coupe fuck her once them I give her the boot In the Stu I’m stuck in my mood…. Yea Getting head laying in wraith truck She got a big mouth but don’t say much Use to rock the White gold Change to Rose gold Elliante diamonds bright And they all froze…

Watch the official video on TRILL Magazine

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Marko Datruth, is an R&B artist from the small town of Marshall, Texas. He started music at an early age of 8 and realized he had singing talent. He grew up in a struggling time with his mom & older brother. After that, they were forced to move with family members.

Later on at the age of 13 he decided to pursue a career in music. Him and his cousin decided to start a group called 2Deep Recordings on a tape cassette. At the age of 15 he purchased his first computer & mic to record industry standard songs. Years after he recorded in the East Texas area with a number of talented artists, he realized he’d need to break free to advance. He stated “Doing features got old so he decided to invest in music videos & CDs.”

Listen to his newest R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) release “DND” here.

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Breezy BRG, whose real name is Briana Gallon, is a 17 year old, extremely talented artist with critics and fans in 7 different countries. Currently calling Orlando, Florida home, she was born in Hollywood, Florida. The hip hop artist career of Breezy BRG started in 2015, when she was hit the studio for the first time as a 12 year old. Over the next couple of years, she would record hits like “Sicko”, “Successful”, “Bree Style”, and “Back and Better.” Breezy BRG prides herself in putting clever wordplay together like no one else. Her cadence is well beyond her teenage years is what critics are saying.

In 2019, Breezy BRG dropped her first official album, “What They Not,” on Black Friday. The album began to turn heads in the hip hop music industry. Her music can be purchased/streamed in all online music stores, including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Tik Tok, and others.

She was featured on several popular hip hop blogs, including ANR Factory, Illustrious Music Group, Underground Hip Hop Blog, Dope Cause We Said, and most recently Trend City Radio. Breezy BRG’s album has sold in 7 different countries.

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