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A wise man once said that a prophet is never honored in his own country. And so it has been with Capleton. While the veteran DJ‚s words and works long ago earned him the title of “The Prophet”, the respect and honor that should rightfully be his have been a long time coming. Anytime you try to uplift righteousness and upliftment of the people them, then you ah go get a fight, says the hottest entertainer in the worldwide reggae fraternity. “Bob Marley come do it and them fight him.

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Safaree Lloyd Samuels (born July 4, 1981) is an American rapper, songwriter and television personality. Samuels started his musical career in the group The Hoodstars. After the group split, Samuels joined fellow rapper Nicki Minaj as a hype man. He later dated Minaj up until 2014. Samuels is also known as a solo artist, and has released a few mixtapes. In 2016, he joined the cast of the VH1 reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Safaree has recently boosted sales since the release of his new song "CHANCE" thanks to The DJ Grid & Amada Records. Since Safaree is such a stand up guy, Contractor & Safaree's Team agreed to bless Amada Records & The DJ Grid with publishing and a percentage of record sales. The owner of the label, Immanuel Gbajiri-Karama had this to say, "I'm amazed that Sean Kingston, Safaree, Capleton, The Marley's, The Sheeran's & Contractor allowed us to own a percentage of their publishing/sales. We've always been big supporters of their brands and music. We will continue to spread their music and art because they believed in us when no one else did!"

Click Here To Watch Safaree's New Single Featuring Sean Kingson

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So.... More Internet Ignorance & Fake News Has Been Posted About EAE Management Group.

Meth Dealer? Really?

The owner of the website Vladislav Shevtsov has used fake news to scam millions of people to believe this nonsense is true. The website recently made comments about one of the top DJs, stating that he deals meth? "If you believe anything on this page, you're apart of the problem!" - DJ Paycheck (WE GIVE THIS WEBSITE 2 THUMBS DOWN)

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The DJ Grid Coalition (A Division of EAE Management Group) Is A State of The Art Progressive Radio & Media Management Organization Which Delivers Real Time Branding, Advertising Solutions & Music Consultation. We've Combined The World's Most Successful Radio Promoters & DJs Under 1 Roof.

The DJ Grid Connects Sean Kingston With One of The Biggest Merchandising Deals In His Career. Studio71 is transforming how brands work with creators for the good of all. They are one of the fastest growing digital networks, with 7-billion monthly views.