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AK Real, Russia's Newest Rapper To Hit The Scene Taps Gangsta Boo For Upcoming Release

By The K-Love Show, Nov 5 2018 03:46PM

AK REAL, was born (Kozlov.Kirill.Romanovich) in the Russian city of

Kaliningrad on June the 21st of 1986. When Kirill was 3 years old his

mother divorced his biological father due to his alcoholism and abuse.

Soon after Kirill`s grandparents took Kirill under their care. When

Kirill turned 5 years old his mother finds a man who becomes Kirill`s

step-father up until today`s day. At seven years old Kirill gets lucky

to attend the lyceum where he gets noticed by his poetry teacher , who

encourages and publishes Kirill`s first poem called "Fireplace and the

letter" in the local newspaper.

Kirill is inspired by his teacher`s words that imprint in his mind for

years ahead. Kirill spends equal amount of time with his parents and

grandparents. Which later leads to transfer of the schools.

Coincidentally or not, from school number lyceum 49 to a public school

number 50.

When Kirill turns five he constantly playing with the musical

instruments at his grandmothers house. He performs the Russian war songs

in front of veterans on the memorial holidays that get tears and

attention. From the ages of seven, Kirill lives and active lifestyle

trying out many sports including ( Boxing, Soccer, Swimming,

weightlifting and more.) His parents sign Kirill up for piano lessons.

That does not last long. Writing poetry effortlessly, becomes a getaway

activity and will stick to him disceplinnig the mind and keeping him out

of trouble into the early teens.

AK REAL was always fascinated with Russian, Western and some of the

European music of the early 80`s and early 90`s. Knowing the lyrics to

some of the most famous HIP-HOP hits of that time always had a spotlight

on him among friends, family and classmates. Studying English since the

first grade and being really good at the new language helps AK to adopt

quickly after his family escapes to America due to life changing

circumstances in 2002. Kirill is 16 years old at the time and had just

finished 9TH grade. AK REAL attends James W. Monroe High school in

Fredericksburg, VA. Where he gets a nickname of ( G-money and or

G-unit). Trouble follows REAL as he progresses with his sophmore year in

the totally new country and cultural shock becomes real.

G-money gets multiple in and out of school suspensions thru-out

10-11-12th grades.Lyrics writing during classes and fights are two major

causes. Followed by the expel from the school twenty days before

graduation of the senior year. He gets excepted back to the school

system three weeks later graduating from JMHS.

AK REAL`S family relocates to Orlando FL, where he goes to join the

community college. He takes Art and Anthropology courses. Disagreeing on

the teachings and division of views he drops out of college after the

second semester. AK has worked and continius to help his step-dad with

his Roofing business. He started working as a roofer when he was just 16

years old. Learning the tough trade disciplines and develops his

character as a man.

When AK REAL turns nineteen years old he plans to leave Orlando and go

to Hollywood to follow his dream as an entertainer. He packs the old BMW

and goes into the unknown. Driving cross country. Without anyone or

anything awaiting him in the wild west.

He arrives in Los Angeles in September of 2007. He attends acting

school with two year program. Gets a job and a small room on Sunset

blvd. During that time, AK is making connections in the music industry.

He meets a composer/producer from South Africa who helps AK to produce

his first album called Hip-Hop American Dream.

AK`s first solo performance took place in Aqua lounge on Rodeo Drive

in Beverly Hills. He had his fist sucsess as hip-hop artist followed by

new opportunities and new fans. AK REAL fully begins developing his

music carrier and production. Graduating the acting school in 2009. For

the next 9 years he will be a movie extra to help himself moving forward

with the dream of becoming a rap artist. He plays supporting roles in

Films and TV shows, meeting and working with some of the greatest name

actors such as ; (Rob Schneider, Tom Cruise, Kelsey Grammar, Steven

Bauer, Michael Madsen, Emilio Roso, Robert Patricks etc.) In the most

recent year of 2015 AK becomes member of Screen Actors Guild. During

this time AK records number of new records and a couple of music videos

at different studios including famous studios such as: ( Paramount

Recording, The lodge etc.) AK REAL sells his music out of the trunk of

his car, hustling long hours on Venice beach, Hollywood Blvd and Las


Los Angeles takes a toll on AK making him constantly move around in

the search of the living space. AK decides to open his first recording

studio where he will stay for the next two years. Working with multiple

producers and up and coming artists he improves his content becoming

more connected in the music scene of the west coast. He takes private

coaching lessons with Liz Louis. One of the America`s got talent judges.

To better understand his place as an artist on the American platform. AK

produces his third solo album at the time. in 2015 He is forced to move

the studio and lack of finance puts him in his 1986 Lincoln town car.

For a couple of months. During that time he meets producer Peter

Rafelson who helps AK to put out solo record "I`m back". Also, AK

releases new music video to the song.

In the early 2016 AK REAL opens his record label AKMG and a new

recording studios in Burbank. CA, in one of the biggest music

communities in LA. Next to some of the greatest artist of all time. For

the next two years AK REAL records some of his best hits like " Hunid On

Da Cake", "Great Motives","Kalinka" "Play No Games " etc. Including some

of the collaboration hits such as " Money Comin Ft.Ru "Molly Water Ft.

VST ", "Money to Burn Ft Gangsta Boo".

Today AK REAL is working on his fourth album. He has a large team of

people who are developing his name and carrier on the worldwide arena of

Hip-hop culture. He is destined for success and says he won't stop

rapping to inspire young generations to come...