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BANGER ALERT! "LIFETIME" By Tremayne & A-K Swat (feat. Dontae Peeps)

By The K-Love Show, May 17 2017 10:21PM

Bringing Back the Heart of Hip Hip: Tremayne & A-K Swat - featuring Dontae Peeps Release Single “Lifetime” - Fastest Growing Record in the Country

The Hottest Record Label & Entertainment Company in the World! Swat Team Music Group, Hood Alumni, and Street Starz proudly present the release of new single “Lifetime” , an epic collaboration between southern hip-hop phenomenons, DJ Tremayne & A-K SWAT featuring singer-songwriter Dontae Peeps. Listeners will adore the single “Lifetime”, as it embodies the heart of Hip-Hop and R&B through its perfect production, passionate lyrical content, and powerful image of black love.

The single “Lifetime” is already in heavy rotation at urban radio states across the country. It has been touted as “the fastest growing record in the country” by urban radio. Look forward to the digital release of “Lifetime” on A-K SWAT’s upcoming project.

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