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Ten Year Old Popstar Ty Waters (@TyWatersMusic) Releases New Single “Only Human”

By The K-Love Show, Oct 20 2016 05:34PM

Though only ten, Ty Waters WWW.TYWATERS.COM is poised for greatness in American popular music. This child prodigy singer from Vancouver, Canada, has already wowed artists from Michael Bublé to Bobby McFerrin, performed at the infamous Carnegie Hall four times after winning American Protege’s Vocal Competitions including He recently brought a crowd of a 100,000 to rapture in Santa Barbara with his devastating rendition of “At Last,” made famous by the great Etta James.

And even more recently performed at Los Angeles Wilshire Ebell Theater to two minute standing ovation. Waters has performed in Harlem’s famed Apollo Theatre and has been invited to sing there again later this August. What’s more, as he moves into the world of composition and recording, Waters is making surprisingly mature and timely statements about the state of the country and the world. Waters has just completed his debut album, Only Human.