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By The K-Love Show, May 9 2020 05:13PM

Breezy BRG, whose real name is Briana Gallon, is a 17 year old, extremely talented artist with critics and fans in 7 different countries. Currently calling Orlando, Florida home, she was born in Hollywood, Florida. The hip hop artist career of Breezy BRG started in 2015, when she was hit the studio for the first time as a 12 year old. Over the next couple of years, she would record hits like “Sicko”, “Successful”, “Bree Style”, and “Back and Better.” Breezy BRG prides herself in putting clever wordplay together like no one else. Her cadence is well beyond her teenage years is what critics are saying.

In 2019, Breezy BRG dropped her first official album, “What They Not,” on Black Friday. The album began to turn heads in the hip hop music industry. Her music can be purchased/streamed in all online music stores, including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Tik Tok, and others.

She was featured on several popular hip hop blogs, including ANR Factory, Illustrious Music Group, Underground Hip Hop Blog, Dope Cause We Said, and most recently Trend City Radio. Breezy BRG’s album has sold in 7 different countries.

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By The K-Love Show, Feb 13 2020 09:54PM

RedrumSociety is gearing up for a new release of their video “Crumble”. The song and video is premiering on Valentine’s Day. After releasing four songs, which had little success, the band finally experienced a victory with their fifth release: “Ego”. The music video gained the up and coming band extra momentum, and the song briefly reached the iTunes pop charts. This is an exciting time for the RedrumSociety as we all await the release of the “Crumble” song and video.

The record is brimming with genuine emotion, beautiful and complex imagery and music, and lyrics that are at once passive and fire-breathing. RedrumSociety is like tossing David Bowie, old U2, Spacehog and lots of Pink Floyd into a blender and pushing the ‘kill’ button. The release of ‘Crumble’ is by far their finest moment, and one that demonstrated their brilliance both musically, lyrically, and creatively.

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By The K-Love Show, Jan 25 2020 05:38PM

House is an independent hip hop artist influenced by various musicians from all over the world. With unique delivery and his diverse Hip-Hop/Reggaeton/Reggae style, House shows the capacity to surprise and exhilarate as a rapper. The end result is a hip-hop melting pot and his presence is a frequent reminder that dense, syllable-obsessed rap is adaptable to nearly all eras and production techniques.

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By The K-Love Show, Jan 23 2020 10:41PM

TAOG - Pronounced (TAY-O-G)

At only 24 years of age, TAOG shows high potential to be one of the most influential rap artists in the industry. Apart from him playing tennis for 20 years before entering the music industry, the Bahamian native has produced unimaginable numbers for someone that has been in the industry for the time he has been (2 years). TAOG's melodic cadence along with a variety of unique flows, is one of the many reasons why he is on the path of becoming one of the greatest musical artist in his era.

In 2017, TAOG released An album titled "Humble Rockstar" which gained him a lot of traction in the industry. This Lead TAOG to release an EP titled "Jungle Pope" in 2018. Since then TAOG's success has catapulted tremendously. As he continues to release music at a consistent pace, he also remains true to the fact that his music is surprising to his listeners but will always "have a great vibe".

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By The K-Love Show, Jan 23 2020 10:26PM

VISHISDEAD is lofi emo / hip hop artist from Port Macquarie, Australia.

9 Lives is vishisdeads first release of 2020. 9 Lives was written and recorded in October 2019, the song is about constantly being let down by past lovers, “9 Lives” representing 9 different relationships.

Vishisdead is currently signed to Renegade Records and plans on releasing 1 song a month for 2020. Vishisdeads current achievements include reaching hundreds and thousands of plays on soundcloud and spotify, reaching 11,000 followers on instagram, playing interstate show, radio play on triple J unearthed. In 2020 vishisdead hopes to keep growing his following and fanbase and would love to tour nationally.

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