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By The K-Love Show, Sep 17 2018 09:43PM

Local music producer Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards of Contractor Music Group in Ocho Rios continues to make waves on the international scene. After recently revealing that he was the executive producer of a track for the late Tupac Shakur, the music expert has landed yet another huge project with Grammy Award-winning pop star Chris Brown.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR about the track, Edwards revealed that the collaboration came through a connection he made with multi-platinum Def Jam reggae/hip-hop artiste Kali Ranks. Edwards explained that Kali Ranks, a Jamaican by birth, already had the song and just needed someone to push it. The track, titled Monster, will include Chris Brown, up-and-coming female artiste Stephanie Adler and Edwards.

By The K-Love Show, Aug 24 2018 10:31PM

Vietnam, Born Hector Rivera Jr From Brooklyn, New York. Later in 1983 would moved to Baltimore, City to a town called Highlandtown. As a young child he was influenced by many artists from the 80’s . Later on into the 90’s, Vietnam began practicing his vocal skills with other friends and had a group called World Destruction which was formed in 1998 but nothing never became of it. In 2001 vietnam was introduced to sinister Dice by long childhood friend George Blische jr.

Vietnam and sinister dice became a group first called God’s Forgotten soldiers then changed to Iron Heartz. Iron Heartz has only singles together as a group 60 dayz, cold streets, what u know about life, Back it up, The streets are to name a few. Though Iron Heartz remains a group. vietnam has started his solo career with current success Vietnam has had his music feat on espn tv show unite, tony hawks youtube channel ride. Vietnam has just reached one million streams for his album one life to live.

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By The K-Love Show, Jun 2 2018 01:56AM

In September 2015, Katie met Kent Wells, Dolly Partons producer and musical producer, in nashville and produced her self titled EP Katie Bates. She worked with Kent for over a year in Nashville at Kent Wells Production, working on her songwriting and vocals. In the first month on SoundCloud, the song After Awhile received over 19,000 plays. In July 2017, Katie started working with Producer 2tone at Blacklite Productions and recorded a new single called “Naked”.

Metaphorically used, it is about stripping someone’s walls down and getting to know that person inside and out. “Naked” got great feedback from online and FM radio shows. The song was also featured on the #1 Billboard charting album “Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica” and earned a #1 plaque from Amada Records.

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The album is moving on its own! Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica landed on the Billboard Charts just weeks after release! It's currently #7 and peaked at #1 for 4 Weeks straight. Purchase the album on iTunes Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tropical-house-cruises-to-jamaica/1351111905. We're giving businesses free advertising for 30 days to those who purchase the album.

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In 1996 the Notorious B.I.G. performed in Kingston Jamaica on Jamaica’s biggest show called Sting which is also known as the greatest one night show on earth. The show was held on December 26th on that year, one day after Christmas. Biggie performed to a sold out crowd of over 30,000 people along with Jamaica’s biggest dancehall artists at the time. Biggie performed in a wheelchair as his broken leg was in a cast. He broke his leg in a car accident and was in the hospital for over 2 months.


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