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By The K-Love Show, Aug 23 2018 11:35PM

Shannon K, 17-year-old singer, songwriter and influencer, was born in India to a musically driven family. As the daughter of Bollywood music legend Kumar Sanu, Shannon’s ears were continuously filled of sweet melodies while she grew, and by the time she turned four, the little girl was already performing on stage with her father for an audience in the thousands.

During early childhood, Shannon and her family relocated from India to the UK where she studied at London’s Royal School of Music. From there, Shannon made the decision to pursue a professional music career, albeit not in Bollywood. Shannon’s dreams of becoming a pop star began to transform into reality when she moved to the United States, allowing the teen to explore the endless possibilities the states could offer her.

By The K-Love Show, Apr 10 2018 01:26AM

Shannon K is a 16-year-old singer and influencer who is on a direct path toward launching a successful American music career. Already boasting over 2.3M followers on Facebook and 1.3M followers on Instagram, Shannon has just released her highly anticipated debut pop single “How Long Is A Long Time,” written and produced by Justin Bieber’s top collaborator, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd.

The 2x GRAMMY nominated record producer and songwriter is the man behind such recent mega-hits like “Where Are U Now”, “What Do You Mean”, and “Despacito,” making him a remarkable hot commodity in today’s music industry.

“Shannon is a very talented and dedicated young lady, and her voice and vocal control is amazing,” explains Poo Bear. I look forward to working with her more in the near future.”

Shannon K may be all of 16, but her singing ability and demeanor goes far beyond her years. As the daughter of Bollywood music legend Kumar Sanu, Shannon grew up in a musical family where she herself first performed on stage when she was a mere 4 years old.

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