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By The K-Love Show, Jan 6 2021 03:34PM

$imp is a term for someone being loving and affectionate towards someone versus Pimp being the direct opposite by using a relationship only to benefit themselves. Even with the album being only seven songs, the transitions, instrumentation and lyrics showed that this two year in the making project took time and effort to construct.

The Intro (Circles), being a love letter about his relationship with God. Then jumping to Red Wine Mood/White Wine Mood which is a hot/cold metaphor in the project showing how someone’s actions in their love life can change overnight. vENTING is one of 301Wheel$’s favorite tracks from the album. It displays him as being transparent and pouring his concerns and heart out. Physical (Interlude) directly embodies the pimp side of the album on how he is straight forward with what he wants out of a specific relationship.

Moon shows 301’s soft side and his affection for someone who is there in the darkest times and brings light. He constantly explains how he is there to give consistent effort towards women mentally, spiritually and physically. Lastly, to end the album with WYWG, this is the most simp song on the project. It shows how he cares for a specific woman so much that he would still be there for her even if the relationship wouldn’t work.

The album is available on all music platforms. Listen to the album on iTunes.

By The K-Love Show, Jul 6 2019 07:21AM

Xception is an up and coming R&B artist hailing from the city of Statesville, NC. She is full of energy and loves the stage so when she performs the crowd can always feel her presence. Xception has performed on many stages in many different places throughout NC, Atlanta, South Carolina, and New York. She is a model, dancer, and writes her own music as well.

Believing the normal 9-5 isn't her calling, she won't take no for an answer and is giving this all she has. After all the years of writing and performing for a hobby she’s wanting so much more and has been putting in the work as proof. Ready to take the music industry by storm, she'll stop at nothing until everyone hears her music.

By The K-Love Show, Aug 23 2018 11:07PM

Ed’s smooth style is mostly a combination of old and new school R&B. Ed grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Jodeci and more. Ed Brown had a major role in writing for the #1 Billboard charting album “Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica”. The compilation sat on the Billboard charts for more than 20 weeks and 4 weeks at #1. Ed Brown’s newest single “Red Lite” (feat. Greystorm) will also be featured on The DJ Grid Project Vol. 2 (Hip Hop Cruises To Jamaica) as a bonus track premiering on Billboard.