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By The K-Love Show, Apr 24 2019 02:28PM

Artist: Jon Blaze

Track Name: Panties

Jonathan Mercer also known as Jon Blaze was born and raised out Norfolk Virgina. He started writing music when he was 15 but didn’t take it serious til he turned 19. He signed to his first independent record label called 10MillionGang in 2015 and have released 1 single called 'Tick Tock' as well as a mixtape called 'Puzzle Of Life' in 2016. In 2017 he released another mixtape called 'Music Massacre'. His influences are Lil Wayne, Migos and Lil Snupe.

The latest single 'Panties' by Jon Blaze was recently added to the #1 Billboard Charting compilation album 'Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica'. Stream the album exclusively on Billboard.

By The K-Love Show, Oct 11 2018 04:22PM

Bianca 'Icielani' Garcia is a divine multi-talented magnetic and charismatic recording artist from Toronto, Canada. Living in her grandparents home when she was born with her parents and two siblings in Etobicoke, the west-end of Toronto. Then in her later childhood years settling in Mississauga, Ontario, the suburbs west of the outskirts of Toronto.

With her parents migrating from Eastern Europe, she's blessed with 10 different ethnicities, eastern european, British, Italian, Greek, Finnish, Northwest Russian, Scandinavian, Irish, West Europe and Middle Eastern. From a young age, she has loved performing - specifically singing. Between singing in the living room with her siblings and singing in her church's choir since she was seven years old, music has always had a special place in her heart.

By The K-Love Show, Aug 24 2018 10:54PM

KC is releasing his upcoming Project “Believe” Hosted by Dj Scream in August 19th. His newest single “Preacher” will be featured on The DJ Grid’s Billboard premiering compilation album this summer. The compilation features mainstream artists like Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Jadakiss, Onyx, G-Unit South’s Young Buck, Alonestar Sheeran and More. Follow KC Da Beatmonster’s movement on Twitter/IG at @KCDaBeatmonster.

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By The K-Love Show, Nov 2 2017 03:14AM

The new DJ Grid Project is set to be available in all online retailers the 17th of November. The project will feature songs from mostly Billboard charting artists and some new up and comers like Katie Bates and the Dream Katchers (Sha'Mia & Yung Sinn). Contractor Music is responsible for making this project a success! Stay tuned for the updated track list on Amada Records.

By The K-Love Show, Nov 2 2017 03:02AM

Super Producer Hassan Shareef (Black Magic Studios NYC) IG: NBSGeneral

The baron of Black Magic Studios Hassan Shareef weighs in on what’s missing in today’s music. Experience in roles as a artistic manager, creative director, and music producer has taught him to hone in on potential opportunity. Breaking down various factors means speaking the truth when it comes to gauging the probability of an outcome, particularly when involved at the commercial level.


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