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“I’m really thankful for this successful start”, says Beata, who has many plans in the pipeline “now more than ever”. Her first single WE DON’T HAVE TO LEARN from the album PROMISE was number 8 of the Independent Charts in USA, in the Top 10 of the Deutschen Dance Charts (Commercial House) and currently occupies number 5 of the US Top 40 Pop Charts.

Now the singer releases her brand-new single GRATEFUL – again in cooperation with hit producer Peter Ries – in three exciting and club-able versions. She has steadily built a career for several years now. In 2015 she had a first foretaste of the coming success with her DJ Charts hit single MARIA MAGDALENA produced by THE FORCE (Peter Ries/ DJKC aka Kai Soffel Werkmann): number 5 of the US Dance Charts and number 3 of the Deutschen Dance Charts (Commercial House).

Like every BEATA song GRATEFUL was released digitally in collaboration with Passion & Divine. Additionally the radio mix was released on CD in Germany in collaboration with TIMEZONE. For more information: Facebook and Youtube.

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Ant Ash is a rapper from South Bronx who is currently residing in Ohio. Born into a musical family with his mother an R&B singer, father a drummer, sister and niece award winning dancers who have danced for the likes of Chris Brown and Rhianna; Ant Ash has possessed the skills and support needed to succeed in the entertainment industry since conception.

Ant Ash has taken this background and his life experiences to blend his East Coast and Mid-West influences into his own unique style. Not only focused on the music but being an all-around entertainer, Ant Ash is influences not just by great musicians but passionate entertainers such as Jay-Z, P-Diddy, Michael Jackson, Kanye, 50-cent, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Jada Kiss, Styles P, Michael Jordan and Floyd Mayweather.

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TRIPLE R is a music label that was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 2013. The group consists of two local Jacksonville rappers who go by the names of RichJIT and D-Money who were born as Don and Davon. These talented rappers have traveled throughout Florida and Georgia performing. They have individual music that is sweeping the nation and singles that have taken the streets by storm.

Coming from what they love to do TRIPLE R has a single Called Ass Up Face Down that has become a Strip Club Anthem. They have open for Lil Boosie, Slicc Pulla and many more. You can catch RichJit and D-Money performing live on YouTube, Facebook or catch them on their Instagram and twitters @DMoneyRRR.

The two individual started out as childhood friends at the age of 8 years old and have always had a passion for music. It has become a natural for them doing something they enjoy. Their song Cashout when performing takes an impact on the club scene while performing live. RichJit always has a saying Turnup On everyone so it became one of their popular performing songs.

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VI Vibez is currently working on his catalog list with SESAC. Featured In Atlanta's #1 Adult Entertainment Lounge 'Magic City', Harlem Nights for the Coast2Coast Mixtape, Atlanta Virgin Island Annual Fest, & More. Vi Vibez' most recent project is called "The Affiliatez" Hosted By HOT 107.9's Jahlionsound & Shadyville's Caribbean Krunkmaster Slik. The following project will be an album demo Hosted By Streetz 94.5's Lil Bankhead.

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Amazon – Top 20 Hottest New Releases (Hip-Hop & R&B)

Hailing from New Jersey, Matthew Schultz is making big waves in the music industry, with his first single “Money or Me” creating a huge impact. This track, which melded hip-hop with a rock element, was produced by Armando Guarnera and earned him a nomination at the 2013 EOTM Awards, as well as one for Best New Male Artist. In a short time he has accumulated a huge fanbase and is currently at the top of the charts on Reverbnation.

However, he’s no newcomer to the industry, having played guitar in Chris Daughtry’s first band, and then venturing into other areas of the entertainment industry, landing a role on Real Housewives of New Jersey, along with several films. Now having returned to his musical roots with the very successful song releases Money or Me and Crazy Heart, “We Own The Night” looks set to be a surefire smash as well.

Jim Jones, is an American rapper and actor featured on VH1 Love & Hip Hop and Chrissy & Mr. Jones. He is an original member of hip hop collective The Diplomats also known as “Dipset”. Jones is also a noted video director under the name Capo for artists including: Cam’ron, Remy Ma, and State Property.Jim is known worldwide for his talent and considered a legend in the hip-hop game!